Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jennifer's Jewelry Box

In today's Etsy Reviews episode, I will be reviewing the etsy shop: Jennifer's Jewelry Box! Check it out!

Here is the link to Jennifer's Shop!

Also, this shop is currently offering free shipping on all items and they are now accepting credit/debit/check cards as well as paypal!

Here are the two products I reviewed along with the shop!

A beautiful necklace made with green-yellow Turquoise 4mm round beads and pink Lepidolite 4mm rounds as well as toho 11/0 green peacock seed beads. 
The retail price of this one is $65.00.

The second is a bracelet that is a beaded bead and netting that is like the necklace above. Instead of using all of the galvinized toho seed beads they used black 15/0 toho's and even placed silver lined ruby seed beads as well. Again the beaded beads are made up of 6mm glass pearls in the centers and then I used 4mm garnets and 3mm black agate as well then netted around it with the 11/0, 15/0 toho seed beads as well. 
The retail pricing of this is $45.00.

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