Saturday, August 25, 2012

End of Summer Finds

I thought that I would save back to school for next week's theme. So, I decided that I would just go with beach. So here are my finds for beach!

If you would like to buy any of these items simply click on either links:

Every week I select 5 items that will go on my blog, pinterest, and on an etsy treasury list I created. I will also favorite it on etsy! If you would like a chance to be on my finds list simply tag your items with next week's theme: back to school. 

                            Beach Ball Sunny Day Fun 1 dozen Cookies

                              Green beach glass sterling silver earrings

                                              Shark Tooth Cufflinks

                                     Life's a Beach Wine Charms

                            SHIH TZU Art Print Beach Dog Watercolor 

I'm back!

Hello all, I am sorry for my prolonged absence but worry not, I have returned. I will have a new poll in the sidebar and I am going to post a new My Etsy Finds for this week! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 13, 2012


The Etsy Shop Jennifer's Jewelry Box is currently offering FREE SHIPPING on their items! So go check it out! They have some gorgeous jewelry pieces! You can also watch my review of this shop in my latest video which is in the sidebar!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jennifer's Jewelry Box

In today's Etsy Reviews episode, I will be reviewing the etsy shop: Jennifer's Jewelry Box! Check it out!

Here is the link to Jennifer's Shop!

Also, this shop is currently offering free shipping on all items and they are now accepting credit/debit/check cards as well as paypal!

Here are the two products I reviewed along with the shop!

A beautiful necklace made with green-yellow Turquoise 4mm round beads and pink Lepidolite 4mm rounds as well as toho 11/0 green peacock seed beads. 
The retail price of this one is $65.00.

The second is a bracelet that is a beaded bead and netting that is like the necklace above. Instead of using all of the galvinized toho seed beads they used black 15/0 toho's and even placed silver lined ruby seed beads as well. Again the beaded beads are made up of 6mm glass pearls in the centers and then I used 4mm garnets and 3mm black agate as well then netted around it with the 11/0, 15/0 toho seed beads as well. 
The retail pricing of this is $45.00.

London 2012

So I just wanted to create a section on my blog dedicated to things going on in the world. Currently it's the 2012 London Olympic Games! I will be featuring special posts dedicated to the Olympics and I will even have a few polls as well so stay tuned! Also since there are so many amazing olympics etsy items I am going to be sorting them into categories and you can vote on which is your favorite! The winning item will receive a prize!